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ThirtyOne Interview: Crystal Yates

Were pleased to introduce you to one of our dear friends, recording artist and worship leader, Crystal Yates!! Her album, “I Believe” is available on iTunes! Its been amazing to see the Lord use her in the music industry and in the local church. There is so much wisdom and inspiration to be gained from her today and we hope that her story will encourage you to keep on dreaming and pursuing what God has called you to do. 




Q: Crystal, this month we’re talking about our callings and how they’re one-of-a-kind! How did you know that music was what God had planned for your life?

I went to church with my granny when I was 6 years old and there was a husband and wife singing who were in ministry together. It was almost like that moment I just knew. I knew that was what I was supposed to do. I remember I began crying because I was so touched by the Holy Spirit. My 7-year old cousin observed me crying and asked me if I were okay. I remember telling her I don’t what’s happening to me, and she whispered to me during the music…“oh, that’s just Jesus… He is wanting in to your heart.” I told her that I wanted Him to and we knelt under the pew at the end of the service where I prayed and asked Jesus in my heart for the first time. My heart knew music was where I was called.


Q: I know you’re a mother of two. How do you balance touring, performing, and just work in general with motherhood? 

Well, it helps to be a mobile family unit. I have a 16-year-old and a 22-month-old so it is not your everyday situation. We have chosen to do most of our travel together as a family. My son goes to an online Christian Academy so school is wherever we are. The 16-year-old helps watch the baby during performances and practices and it just works somehow. Honestly, if God has called you, He will equip you.

We also have to seek Him on the timing. For years I stayed behind the scenes. Then, we the moment was right for such a time as this He has brought me to a brand new season. Don’t force His timing. So much training went on while I was working behind the scenes. It was where I learned what real worship is. There are some days however, we have to make tough decisions and say no to some events. The Lord honors those decisions. He is the Master Multi-tasker and I couldn’t do this if He were not with me and His Spirit guiding me. I know it is something we have all said a million times as believers but it is true…seek Him first. It is the only way to have balance and keep peace of mind during busy seasons! He is my Sanity!


Q: How did leading worship prepare you for the country music platform you’ve stepped into? 

Worship is God’s people bringing their sacrifices, praises, and all they are to the King of glory. Leading people into worship has given me a deep love for God’s people and a sensitivity to them. It translates wherever I go. I am still singing and serving God’s people even in the country genre. Anyone of any profession that is in Christ can carry the Holy Spirit to their job. He is with us when we go to the store, take care of our children, or love our husbands. I walk into a place to sing, knowing who I am and exactly Who lives in me. His Spirit will change any atmosphere. It will calm, soothe, and heal wherever we go because that is our God. That is what He does. No matter where we are or where we go. His presence makes the difference.


Q: Tell us about your new album, “I Believe.” What inspired you to write that album?

The people I love and the struggles I see them face. “I Believe” is a collection of songs that were written for people I love with each song having a specific purpose. Songs convict, heal and resonate with the soul like nothing else. I deeply want to be the kind of person, writer, and artist that touches another’s soul. After all, that is the only investment that matters. The soul is the only thing that will continue on after we breathe our last breath. God has made us to love, care, and speak to one another. Music speaks to the human heart like no other earthly thing. So I hope this offering of music meets folks right where they are and helps them lift their eyes higher.


Q: What are your dreams for the future? 

Vegas. Just kidding 😉 I hope I will have many years writing and touching hearts. It is my deepest hope and prayer to carry the Lord right to where people are. I am hoping that God will open more venues and more hearts! I want to write more songs that unlock hearts, bring joy, and lift heads so that the King of Glory may come in!!! Praying as we cast our nets, we catch some fish!!! We have tons of hopes but all of them ultimately lead to a King and a Kingdom.

I do have a few bucket list items that would be fun to do! While God has already allowed me to check some big ones off the list…there are still a few things I dream of doing. So…I will share a little girl dream. (I still dream.) I got to sing at the Ryman Auditorium last year and that was a real dream come true. It was a church and the original home of the Grand Ole Opry. While I got to sing in that building, my heart bursted and I cried and thanked God the entire night…it felt unreal…I would LOVE to sing in the actual Grand Ole Opry. It meant so much to my family and me. When I was a little girl we would listen to the program and watch it on TV. We even got to go once and I remember lighting up inside. Now my kids, husband, and I still listen to the Grand Ole Opry together on the radio. There are many hopes like that but I know they all pale in Light of Him. But He does care so much about those dreams He’s a good Daddy and sometimes, when and how you least expect it, He makes your dreams come true. What a good God we serve.


Q: What would your advice be to a lady who’s intimidated to step into her calling? 

You are powerful – not because of your gifts, but because of the Spirit of the Living God inside of you!! It’s more powerful than you can even imagine. We are never supposed to do in our own strength. So with that, have courage and take heart to step out because He is with you…always. Even when you don’t feel it. Even when you make mistakes…He is greater and able to take EVERYTHING together for good. I do mean EVERYTHING. God does NOT say “I take all the good decisions and right things you do and work those together for My good.” No, in Romans 8:28 He says “He works ALL THINGS together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.” Believe it! It’s actually true!


Q: What does it mean to YOU to be a ThirtyOne woman?

A woman that not only seeks out the Word of the Lord but does the Word. She is LIVING and DOING what He said. She has found power and favor by being in God’s Word and living it out in every facet of her life. She has weaknesses, faces temptations, falls down, fails, and is not perfect but she rises up by the power of her God. She leans on Him and Him alone. 


Ladies, Crystal has also asked us to cover she and her family in prayer as God continues to guide and promote her. We believe the prayers you pray will launch you in your own calling! 

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  • Ryn B

    Love this, and i love Crystal! And it’s exactly what I needed to hear! Thanks y’all!


  • April Willingham

    Love Crystal and her genuine heart for the Lord and His people! She truly is a thirtyone woman and I’m blessed to know such a sweet sweet woman and family. Will definitely pray for the Yates! XO, April Willingham

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