ThirtyOne Day Challenge – Day Twenty-Two: The Fast

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ThirtyOne Day Challenge – Day Twenty-Two: The Fast

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I first learned about fasting a number of years ago when I began reading the Bible on a regular basis. Stumbling across this passage suddenly emphasized the importance of fasting:

“Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted there by the devil. For forty days and forty nights He fasted and became very hungry.” {Matthew 4:1, 2 NLT}

Jesus had just been baptized and was preparing to step into ministry. His last phase of preparation was to separate Himself through fasting and prayer. 

As I read this passage, my desire to hear from the Lord grew and I thought to myself, “If Jesus needed to do this, it is something I need to incorporate in my life.”

I was learning that whatever Jesus did, I needed to follow His example, if I intended to walk as He walked upon the earth. 

It was and still is really astounding to me that He fully equips us with all we need. Not only have we been given the gift of salvation, a measure of faith, the Holy Spirit, the Word of God… but also the example of His miraculous life here on earth to follow and pattern ourselves after. 

Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights in the desert to prepare Himself for the mission God had sent Him to accomplish. 

As I followed Jesus’ example of fasting, the Lord gave me wisdom about so many things. Since then, I have regularly consecrated myself to prayer to hear more clearly and have given up foods or enjoyments that seemed important to me at the time. As a result, I noticed that the Lord filled the place those things held in my life. 

By letting go of something through fasting, I realized that He was the everything I had been looking for.

There was liberty and freedom that I received by exalting Him above those other things (2 Cor. 3:17).

Dear ones, do you need wisdom? Do you need to hone in on what God is saying to you?

I believe that through fasting, we can, as an act of faith, lay down something to hear God’s voice more clearly.

If you really think about it: He was willing to give up His very life for us. 

What are we willing to give up for Him? 

Ladies, I challenge you, during this final stretch of the ThirtyOne Challenge, to use fasting to draw even closer to Him. 

Pray about what you need to set aside (an activity or food, for example). 

And with the omission of that something, commit to fill that void with more of Him.

Expect answers to come, just as we see in Isaiah:

“Then your light will break forth like the dawn,
    and your healing will quickly appear;
then your righteousness will go before you,
    and the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard.
Then you will call, and the Lord will answer;
    you will cry for help, and He will say: Here am I.”
{Isaiah 58:8-9 NIV}


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