Friends Forever, Pt. 2

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Friends Forever, Pt. 2

Speak (let’s pray this together!):
Lord, help me to seek out the covenant friendships You’ve planned, and also to BE a forever friend. May I pour into those around me today, from the overflow of the love I’ve received from You. Help me to love my friends not just when it’s convenient, but also when they need it most. 
A friend loves at all times,
    and a brother is born for a time of adversity.” {Proverbs 17:17}
3 Ways You Can be a Forever Friend Today:
1) PRAY for the friends in your life. Speak strength, peace and grace over them.
2) Ask the Lord to show you if there is anyone new in your life that you should begin to cultivate a friendship with. Text/call them to set up a coffee date!
3) Share this blog with someone you count as a forever friend and let them know why they are so special to you. <3 Share the looove!
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