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How I Breathe

Today Kait and Brenda are adding their fresh perspective to spiritual health!! Enjoy this peek into how they breathe. 🙂
How do you know when you’re in a spiritually healthy place?
How do you stay spiritually healthy?
“For me, I know I’m spiritually healthy when I’m insatiably hungry for the things of God. When I start losing my appetite to know the Father deeper and to advance the Kingdom, most likely it’s because I’m not feeding my spirit enough spiritual food. The way to stay hungry is to keep feeding and watering my spirit.” – Kait
“I know that I am in a spiritually healthy place when the circumstances around me do not shake or move me. That means I am so spiritually receptive to His presence and seeing the world around me through His eyes that I am untouched by negative emotions or negative thoughts. The best way for me to stay spiritually healthy is spending time with Him. Time in prayer, time in the Word, letting the Word come alive in me. And most importantly, it is pouring my heart out to Him and rolling my cares on Him.” – Brenda
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