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How I Eat

Today Beth and Kait are adding their perspectives to Sustenance and how they feed themselves spirit, mind and body! Enjoy this peek into how they say no. 🙂 
How you know if you’re malnourished?
What do you do to nourish your spirit, mind and body?
A way that I nourish my mind, body, and spirit is by pursing passions. If I start having a strong desire to paint, I allow myself the opportunity to paint. If I find myself yearning to try a new recipe, I acknowledge that desire and allow myself to try a new recipe. Right now, I’m really desiring to challenge my body by running so I’ve allowed time to pursue that! I always end up feeling nourished! Don’t deny or fight dreams and desires of your heart to create and try new things. Growing and learning is very nourishing and helps keep life fun and exciting! Of course, always bring it to the Lord first to make sure it’s not a distraction. But if you feel the Lord give you a green light, have a little fun!!!
I know I haven’t been nourishing myself properly when I start to get “hangry.” (a combination of hungry + angry) This can be manifest as an emotional grumpiness, physical exhaustion, or feeling a sense that my spirit needs more Word because it’s weak. I nourish my spirit through keeping the Word (podcasts / sermon series) playing regularly, even just if in the background while I work or drive. I also carve out daily time to bask in His presence through worship, prayer or just being quiet and meditating on God’s goodness. I enjoy puzzles, playing with my dog, reading, baking/cooking and making music. All of these feed my soul. I physically nourish myself well by trying to eat ‘clean’ as much as possible. Lots of fruits and veggies, drinking enough water, and getting adequate sleep are necessities to my physical well-being.
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