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How I Say No

Today Kait and Beth are adding their fresh perspective to physical health and combatting our fleshly desires!! Enjoy this peek into how they say no. 🙂
How you know if you’re physically healthy?
What has the Lord shown you in your own life about being physically healthy?
What temptations come against our healthy body?
I know when it comes to physical health that I’m more susceptible to temptation when my spirit is weak. I know I need to spend time daily in the Word to keep my spirit strong. Just like the Word says, “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.” (Mark 14:38b) To stay physically strong, I must stay spiritually strong which keeps me mentally strong and prepares me to make right choices. Right choices breed more right choices. In the same way, wrong choices lead to more wrong choices. So when I do mess up (and eat all the chocolate), I try to be quick to receive forgiveness and say no to condemnation. It helps me to remember that everyday is a new day and I can make new choices. 
– Beth
I’m learning to really listen to what my body is saying. If I feel sluggish, I know it’s time to sweat and challenge my muscles. If i’m exhausted, I know that I need to make more time for sleep. A lot of people just lawn-mower over the body’s indicators of neglect and malnourishment. But instead of ignoring them, examine and assist. It’s a more nurturing and kind approach to physical health.
– Kait


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