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How I Stay Fit

Today Brenda and Kait are adding their perspectives to Fitness and how they exercise spirit, mind and body! Enjoy this peek into¬†how they stay fit. ūüôā
The two things that I primarily do to stay fit spiritually are to spend time with the Lord in fellowship and to read the Word daily. When we spend time in fellowship, we are plugging into the very life source that created us and knows what we need better that anyone, including ourselves. Reading the Word keeps us grounded spiritually, and renews our mind to both think the way He does and respond to every situation the way Jesus did when He walked on the earth.
   So what do I do to keep my mind and emotions fit? As I stated above, by reading the Word, studying it, and standing on the promises that produce life and health to every part of my being. It is also essential for me to spend quality time with my family and friends in fun activities that stimulate my mind as well as to share the love that is between us.
   Keeping my body fit is sometimes a struggle for me with busy schedules and various ministry meetings, but I manage to walk frequently, take the stairs always, and eat nutritional (as well as simple foods) that will keep my body at its optimum level of energy.
Staying physically, mentally, and spiritually fit can be an overwhelming task if you don’t give yourself endless amounts of grace in the process. You will not always get it right, you’re going to eat and do things you regret afterwards, but the fact that you’re pressing onward and¬†doing your best to honor God deserves a high five! Celebrate every small victory and accomplishment, sister! Pat yourself on the back, stay teachable and hungry to grow, and take it one step at a time. Smother yourself with grace and find a balance and you’ll be rockin’ and rollin’!
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