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Today Brenda and Beth are adding their fresh perspective to spiritual health!! Enjoy this peek into how they think. 🙂
How you know if you’re mentally healthy?
What has the Lord shown you in your own life about being mentally healthy?
What are distractions try to come against our healthy mind?
When I think of having a healthy mind, I think of the scripture Ephesians 1:18, “Seeing through the eyes of His understanding.” My thoughts also turn to Jesus’ example. When Jesus walked upon the earth, He saw everything exactly the way the Father saw it. Jesus did and said nothing but what God told Him to do and to say. When we see and think that way, our mental health is not clouded with our past or the world’s view of things, or what someone has said about us. When we see through His eyes, we see things with a new perspective, through the eyes of faith. 
I see ‘mental health’ as so much more than psychological health (as the world would put it). It’s the state of submitting our thoughts, emotions and desires to the Lord. I love the quote Kaitlyn used (also in today’s picture) about our thoughts being like birds that pass through, and how WE determine whether or not they’re allowed to stay. Wrong thoughts will come, but I’ve learned that if I want to have the right thoughts, I have to first take responsibility for what I’m thinking and not be a victim to those thoughts. Sisters, we DO have control over our thoughts!! I have also found that my mental health soars when I continually pump the Word of God into my spirit and mind. It becomes easier to bring my thoughts in line with His Word. This continual mind renewal filters my thoughts, which strengthens my ability to control my emotions, which impacts the choices I make.
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