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We once heard a story by Gloria Copeland about when she first got married and how she got in the habit of piling up the laundry from the dryer on the guest bed. (Been there, done that!) One day, the Lord corrected her about it and said to her (in her heart) that physical clutter affected her spirit and mind, because it was in the back of her mind during her time with the Lord. He directed her to form new habits to get rid of the clutter in her house and encouraged her that it would clear her mind and focus her walk with the Lord.
God does care about the little things in our life – including how clean our houses/rooms are. Disorder is not of God – He’s a God of order and He’s equipped us to keep order in our lives!
So today we are sharing a short video from Terri Savelle Foy about how physical messes can drain your energy and steal your peace. It’s amazing how things in the physical affect our spirit and mind. She defines a MESS as: any disagreement between the way you desire things to be and the way they are. Check out this eye-opening and suuuuper practical video!

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