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The Whole You, Pt. 2

Hey there! In case you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, here’s the link to our May Insider video, announcing the new series, The Whole You!!! We are so stoked to spend the next few months studying and meditating on what it means to be healthy spirit, mind and body.
What are the 3 parts that make up the WHOLE YOU?
SPIRIT – We ARE a spirit. This is the eternal part of us; scriptures call it the “heart”; the part of us that is reborn when we get saved. This is different than the Holy Spirit who lives inside of us and communicates with our spirit. Just like Romans 8:16 (NLT) says, when we are spiritually reborn, “…His Spirit joins with our spirit to affirm that we are God’s children.”
MIND – We HAVE a mind. This is comprised of our emotions, thoughts, plans, desires, dreams; our thinker, chooser and feeler. This is the part of us that Romans 12 says should be renewed by God’s Word (Romans 12:2)
BODY – We LIVE IN a body. Obviously, this is our physical body; the temple for our spirit, flesh. It houses the other parts and without them, there’s no life in our flesh alone.
God designed us to live truly from the inside – out!
What would it look like for you to be WHOLE, spirit, mind and body?
Let’s discover it together, sisters!!
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